Professional Education

Narrative Sand Therapy Certificate Program

Short Trainings

Demonstrations of Narrative Sand Therapy©

Part I: The Raven’s Freedom
This 2.5-hour video is an introduction to Narrative Sand Therapy©, Dr. Dee Preston-Dillon’s personal integrative approach to sand therapy. This course includes: a complete demonstration of an individual narrative sand therapy process, a dialogue about process, theory and approach; a brief PowerPoint presentation on core concepts; and an example of poetic amplification

Demonstrations of Narrative Sand Therapy©

Part II: Fairy Tales
This two-part training includes an introduction to the etymology of fairy tales and the theoretical foundations for conducting deep therapeutic work through this modality. The training also includes a complete practical example of the therapeutic process demonstrating three different approaches with detailed explanations to help bridge theory with intervention.

A Telehealth Exploration With Symbols In Sand

“Sisyphus’ Garden”
This 1-hour video course includes: a brief lecture on narrative, existential and archetypal theories; a demonstration of virtual sand therapy; and a closing summary of core concepts

Competencies in Sand Therapy:

Foundations for Safe and Ethical Clinical Practice

“The core principles for all competencies include a clear vision of expertise, well-defined skills and aptitudes, awareness of problems and ways to correct them, and established steps for learning.”

This course presents specific aptitudes for proficiency with Sand Therapy. Each of the three levels builds on the former to address essential principles such as:

  • How to conceptualize a sand scene
  • Theory as a lens to understand dynamics potentially present in sand scenes
  • Mental representations vital to resonate with the process
  • How to respond to clients
  • Potential problems and risks
  • And, the importance of clinician immersion in their own work

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