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Into the Depths with Symbols in Sand

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Sand Therapy is a uniquely powerful therapeutic modality appropriate for clients of all ages and across cultures. Therapists from all mental health disciplines can combine the use of sand with other expressive arts as well as traditional talk therapy in their work with individuals, couples and groups.

Based on my more than four decades of research, teaching and training clinicians, the focus for this web site is on promoting and facilitating clinical expertise and the skills, aptitudes and competencies for responding to clients and their sand scenes. Too often, clinician curiosity or lack of training and grounding in theory leads to boundary violations or a failure to facilitate vital client safety.

My courses, trainings and consults are designed to demonstrate both the immense depth and healing of this unique modality as well as provide a step-by-step process for developing clinical competence.

Online Courses, Case Consults & Staff Training

Rekindle Your Inner Peace:

A Facilitated Retreat to Center, Heal & Rejuvenate
Marriottsville, MD
Nov 4-6, 2022
This all-inclusive self-care retreat is open to professionals, teachers, physicians, clinicians and individuals from all disciplines and walks of life

Narrative Sand Therapy Certificate Program

Live, In-Studio Workshops

Beginning next in early 2023*

*Alternate dates for fully virtual program

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